Light the Susitna! Donors

We wish to thank our generous donors to the Light the Susitna! Campaign.

Light Pole Donors
(Names to be on light poles, $2500 and up)

Glynn & Ed Strabel
Anesthesia Care Associates
The Powder Family
Norton-Cruz Family Fund, A Donor Advised Fund of the Alaska Community Foundation
Matanuska Youth Activities Council
Alaska Safe Trails
Alaska Urology, LLC

Gold Light Donors ($1000 to $2499)

Dori McDannold: Massage & Yoga, Hoop 'n' Hula, Milk 'n' Cookies
Daryl Farrens
The Walling Family
The Suarez-Cabal Family
Matanuska Valley Federal Credit Union
The Taylor Family
Gayle and Chuck Kase

Silver Light Donors ($500 to $999)

Guinevere Hill
Joe & Sandy Moore
Zack & Anjanette Steer
Michael Norton
The Buchanan Family

Bronze Light Donors ($100 to $499)

Virginia White
Bob and Carol Thompson
Tricia and John Cox
Chris & Kathleen Jones
Darren & Nancy Black
Brandon and Sydney Thielke
Elizabeth & Ed Ripley
Tom & Lisa Smayda
Luff Orthodontics
Katy Jones
Monte & Jerilyn Burtch
The Barry Family
The Moffat Family
The Danz Family
The Wreyford Family
Tracy Houser
Wasilla Lights Farm
Karen Hopp
The Merritt Family
Brian, Wendy, Evan and Lewis Taylor
David L Barnes DO PC
The Henderson Family
Cold River Construction Company
Mikael Porcello
The Skvorc Family
Ashley Wise
Backcountry Bike & Ski
David Freer
Hobbit Environmental Consulting Corp.
The Kristich Family
Terry Slaven

Donors (up to $99)

Sheri & Dave Musgrave
Gabe Black
Lorene and Larry Lynn
The Lake Family
The Johnson Family
The Jerman Family
Natalie, Chris & Alex Cadieux
John Breiby
Christal Houghtelling Photography
Randee Johnson
Abby & Lila Pettit
The LaRousse Family
Make'N Ends Meet
Lydia Yocum
Nicole and Chris Whittington-Evans
Kim Elliott
Jakab Family
Bilafer Family
Amaya and Katalina Vizzerra
Trenton Harter
Lucas Parker
Pagel Children
The Wraith Family
AK Sheas
The Stamoolis Family
The Paulick Family
Harmon Family
Chad and Jenny Nugent Family
Winnestaffer Family
Mike & Cory Alverts
Teresa Clemmer
Holly Stephens