Junior Nordics Important Rules of Conduct

posted Jan 7, 2015, 2:53 PM by admin matsuski
  1. Have your kids on skis with the proper wax on skis at 4:50pm. Kids that arrive late will not be permitted to leave their group start area if their group has left.
  2. All kids must have a hat. No hat, no ski.
  3. Kids that must leave early due to injury, healthor other  reason, cannot not leave their group until they return to their group's start area. They can then go to the chalet and check in with the Chalet Monitor. They can then go with their parent.
  4. For each session please check in the Chalet for any last minutes directions.
  5. Do not ski in the parking lot. Put skis on at the trail head.
  6. Do not walk on the groomed ski trails or stadium area except for the Pioneer Loop.