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What to Wear

  • Gloves and mittens
    Claw gloves are great (3 fingers), finger gloves for warmer weather and better pole grip, mittens for really cold temps with thin finger glove liners if needed
  • Ear Protection (light-weight)
  • Synthetic socks
  • Long underwear (inner layer)
    Polyester (Coolmax) or polypropylene top & bottoms. On a typical day, a skier may have on a thin top and bottom underlayer of Coolmax (or similar). Depending on the weather, you may ski without the underlayer. You want the material to absorb moisture away from your skin so you don't get chilled when you sweat.
  • Middle Layer
    A layer of a heavier polypropylene on the top half so you can peel it off if you get too warm, leaving your inner layer on. Preferably with a half zippered front so you can regulate your body heat.
  • Warmup pants
    You can wear thin long underwear (or not depending on temp) underneath, windproof and water resistant
  • Vest
    Windproof, breathable or polypropylene (optional depending on temps). On warmer ski days just a middle layer and vest should do it.
  • Jacket
    Thin breathable jacket, preferably with a zippered front so you can regulate your body heat.
  • Water bottle and holster/carrier
    Keeping hydrated is a must in any weather!
  • Neck Gator
    Crucial on cold days - thin, lightweight and protects your chin and neck
  • Windproof briefs (boys)
    An essential item for practice and races to block the cold air...need we say more?
  • Eye Protection
    Clear, amber, or tinted glasses
  • Just say NO TO COTTON - hypothermia is real, man.