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Skier Type

What kind of cross-country skier am I?

Racing. Cross-country ski racing combines endurance with speed, and strength with tactics and technique. Top racers reach speeds over 40 mph on the downhills, 20 mph on the flat, and average over 15 mph for distances up to 35 miles. There are a large number of races nationwide throughout the winter, most of which welcome novice racers and elite skiers alike.

Adventure. Adventure can be found anywhere. On cross-country skis there is adventure in a neighborhood park, in the woods at the far side of town, and in the mountains across the world. Cross-country skiing is your ticket to adventure wherever you happen to ski. Sport. How did exercise become a chore? When it was stuck inside, nailed to a stair-master, and made to watch TV while "feeling the burn". That maybe exercise, but it is not health. Cross-county skiing frees exercise from the confines of fitness centers, stale air, and the stress of the no pain, no gain mindset. Be it for half an hour after work or for several hours on a weekend morning, cross-country skiing can provide exercise for the body, relief for the mind, and joy for the soul.

Backcountry. Redefine the limits. Exploring new territory on cross-country skis is more than just getting away from it all. Skiing by moonlight beneath towering, snow laden pine or cutting telemark-turns down a bowl of untracked powder far from the nearest alpine ski lodge has the ability to totally redefine what you consider "it all."