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Skiers aren't made - they're born into ski-crazy families

posted Dec 16, 2015, 9:52 PM by Tammy Hill   [ updated Dec 16, 2015, 9:54 PM ]
There comes a time in every boy’s (or girl’s) life where their father comes to them and says “son, we need to have a talk.” This was a subject matter I was nervous about, but it was important enough that I wanted to have this discussion earlier with my son rather than later. My son having just turned eight months, this seemed like the opportune time. We briefly discussed the birds and bees (literally) and moved on to the subject at hand.

“Son, this is a family of skiers and as such, you too will be a skier.”

I explained that while he may not be able to walk, he now owns a pair of skis and they are his responsibility to care for (more or less so…kind of like mom’s skis). We furthered our discussion on the finer points of skate technique and the plusses and minuses of NNN or SNS binding systems. For the conclusion of our talk, I explained that there is a downhill discipline of the sport and a certain faction that “snowboards,” including mom, and we won’t hold that against them…

I felt our talk went well; he seemed to be engaged, although I was doing most of the talking. And then there was this certain point where I felt he was really “getting it.” It was about that same time he spit up on me. Yep, he’s getting it.

Hyperbole aside, we did decide to suit up to head out for our first family ski outing. Well, skiing may have been a bit of an exaggeration; a more apt description would have been walking with skis. Our equipment included touring gear and a child carrier backpack. We headed up to Independence Mine to explore the groomed (i.e. plowed) maintenance road. Our short little loop reminded of a great advantage of having a kid, I get to use the “oh, all this weight on my back really slows me down” excuse.

All in all, it was nice to be back out with white stuff under our skis. Conditions were so-so, but the smiles were out in full force. Even the little man was enjoying the thrill that is skiing at 1mph.

So the season may be kicking off at a glacial pace, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t fun to be had.

Time to Renew Your Membership

If you happened to miss the annual general membership meeting last month, your membership may not be current, but have no fear, membership renewal/sign-up is all-too convenient on our website. Visit www.matsuski.org to renew today.

Trail Pins and Donations

MSSC being a non-profit relies on your volunteerism and support to keep our trails in the condition that you find soo-pleasing. One of the great ways of showing off your club support is by purchasing a Trail Pin ($15 or more) through the website. It is an easy way to help keep the gas in the groomers and the Club on ticking.

Also new this season is the Clubs offering of ski buffs and ski sleeves with the club logo. Sleeves are available for $4 per pair and $5 for ski buffs. Show off your club pride with MSSC apparel. See a MSSC board member to place your order. 

Moonlight Ski

One of the favorite club events that are included in your membership is our monthly Moonlight Ski. This month we will be taking advantage of the early arrival of high elevation snow to conduct our ski to Fred Trimble’s cabin in the gold cord loop. Meet at the Independence Mine parking lot on Saturday, November 21st at 7pm. Bring a headlamp, but hopefully we won’t need it.

Too Soon to Think about Racing?

The best time to begin preparing for a race? It is now. If I may paraphrase Yogi Berra, race prep “is 90% mental and the other half is physical.” So mark the Mat-Su Icicle Double race on your race calendar, occurring on the weekend of December 26-27th. With race lengths of 5- 30KM, classic on Saturday and freestyle on Sunday; the right race is waiting for you. Tune into our website for updates.

Upcoming Events:

Race to The Outhouse Sat 7 Nov 1030AM Independence Mine Classic or Skate 5Km.

Moonlight Ski Sat 21 Nov 7PM Independence Mine Ski to Fred Trimble’s cabin in the Gold Cord Basin for hot chocolate!

High School ski races and community race Dec 4-5 Gov’t Peak Rec Area Times TBD. Community race will be after the High School race on Sat.
Tammy Hill,
Dec 16, 2015, 9:52 PM