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Thoughts On The Past While Waiting For A Snowy Future

posted Dec 17, 2014, 8:12 AM by Mat-Su Ski Club   [ updated Dec 17, 2014, 9:01 AM by admin matsuski ]
What can one say to a winter start such as this? I think the best phrase to sum it up is from Forrest Gump: “It happens.” I had a coworker tell me it has been nice having such a late start to winter. If I had a choice I’d reserve a special place in Dante’s Inferno for them, probably between the sixth and seventh level … Nevertheless, I try to persevere through these draughts. I just have to remind myself of the positives to these obscure years, like the chance to get in a few more preseason workouts …

when I do find myself struggling to get out the door for another jog around the neighborhood, I try to do a bit of self-reflecting in why I could be upset with the lack of snow. Sure, I really enjoy gliding through the trails and jaunting up near snow covered peaks, but it is not like I haven’t found pleasure in running either.

This internal review reminds of my early days when I began learning to ski. Years ago I shared the comical travesty of attempting to join the ski jumping team, which ultimately led to my mother’s second cousin (I am not sure this makes us related) encouraging me to join a more levelground sport. That was the day I received my first very own pair of skis. I was 10 years old.

The skis were waxable classic skis, some early variation of the Fischer CS with white bases, white tops and a neon colored design reminiscence of the ‘80s, but this was the yearly ‘90s. My skis were part of a set of four matching pairs that my folks purchase for family activity time. Additionally we all got matching jackets, purple and neon yellow never looked so good. To reinforce how excellent these jackets are, one is still in my closet and makes an annual appearance to match my Oakley Frogskin glasses.

At the time we lived in Anchorage and the forays to the local trails were some best memories. For most of the time we appeared to be snowshoeing with skis on, but come a downhill it became a winter version of lawn darts where we were the darts and the snowfields on the outside of the corners were the yard.

As the seasons progressed, so did my skills, not necessarily in a linear relationship. At the incessancy of mother’s second cousin, I was enrolled in Junior Nordics. Up to that point, I was the fastest skier I knew, unfortunately the only skiers I knew were my family. My perception of Nordic skiing was shattered. My first days at JN I found myself surrounded by really good skiers. While I was intimidated by most of them, I found them all to be nice and welcoming kids.

My experiences with Junior Nordics cemented skiing in my life. I found great enjoyment in it and met great people through it. I vividly remember meeting Pia Denkewalter and wishing to ski as well as her or at least be as nice as her. And there was the time when Nina Kemppel came to ski with us and I realized that there will always be women who will ski better than me.

So while I pull on my running shoes for another jaunt in the darkness, wondering it there will be snow in the mountains this weekend, I dampen my anticipation … And the reason being that it’s worth the wait.

– Hans Hill, MNSC board