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Early Season “Oops”

posted Nov 22, 2011, 8:27 PM by Hans Hill   [ updated Nov 22, 2011, 8:27 PM by Dave Musgrave ]

By now I hope you all have had a chance to enjoy the fresh snow or at least some freshly groomed trails or at the very least waxed your skis.  The early season has been good to us.  Consistent snow storms swept through the Mat-Su Valley and deposited a good base that should persevere through the season.  But as I write this, the Witched Wind of the East is knocking at our doors.  But here is a little secret:  winds rolling through the Valley do not always equate to winds in our beloved Hatcher Pass.  Recent winds of 50-60mph in the flat lands only resulted to 20-30mph gusts at the top of Marmot.  Can you say “wind shadow?”  And now we have reached the extent of my meteorological knowledge. 


My wife and I have had our skis initiated to this winter’s snow.  The kick-off to the season went off with only a few fumbles.  Firstly, when packing a ski bag ensure all parties participating in skiing are aware of which skis are theirs and which discipline they intend to be participating that day.  This may have not occurred for us.  Fortunately the “combi” boots showed their only true advantage, their ability to always be the right boot.  Secondly, if glide waxing all your skis at once, go ahead and scrape all of the skis at the same time.  This may have not occurred either. Once again, my patient wife allowed us to conduct a very timely and pertinent physics experiment; are skis faster with or without the presence of glide wax.  Without spoiling the upcoming issue of “Obvious Magazine,” let’s just say the results were not shocking.

The good news is the season has begun and most of us have removed the cobwebs that should result in an efficient, fruitful winter.  Hopefully Ullr will bless us with a bountiful snow year, leading to many kilometers of skiing.  And like many of our fellow Alaskan clubs, the MSSC has much to offer to keep you motivated through the season.


Race to the Outhouse - Independence Mine

As the unofficial first race of winter, the event is proving to be a popular preseason barometer of fitness.  Athletes ranging from junior, collegiate, to ,umm, well-aged participated, accumulated to nearly 70-plus racers.  Athletes proved their Alaskan tenacity by persevering through the limited visibility.  Thanks to all the volunteers and racers for making a great event.  For those who missed out, look forward to the end of season race, Race to the Outhouse #2, TP not included…

Junior Nordics

Do you remember your first time on skis?  Most of us recall those childhood memories.  But least we not deny our young ones these important experiences; first ski-tip caught, first mis-placed pole plant, first “yard sale.”  Enroll your child in Junior Nordics now!  Time is fast approaching for this years start, January 4th.   See the Junior Nordic Page for details.