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December 2010

posted Jan 12, 2011, 11:31 AM by Dave Musgrave   [ updated Jan 12, 2011, 11:31 AM by Dave Musgrave ]

Waxing, some claim it to be a bane of the sport with its chore like status, but I like it. It is one of the few tasks in the garage where when I am finished I feel more relaxed, plus I am not covered in grease. Usually it’s an early morning or late night affair (maybe with a beverage or two). Plug in the radio, setup the bench, and arrange the tools and supplies. I usually have plenty of sticks that are ready for a fresh coat. Nine sets of skis reside in our home and three snowboards, though the snowboards tend be neglected by me as I am not a fan of having both feet strapped to one board. Adjusting the base of the skis to match harmoniously with the current snow type is as much art as it is science.

The removal of impurities and irregularities at a microscopic level is like a church and a barbershop all rolled up into one for ones skis. I’ve even gone so far as to create a sauna for my skis, A.K.A the hotbox. Don’t go asking your 60 year-old uncle with the VW van to help build a hotbox, the response will not be what you are looking for. And then comes the polishing, brushing the ski until there is a deep sheen until one word pops to mind, FAST! The best part of the process occurs upon the arrival on the trail when the skis are fastened to my feet and I realize that my mistake of bringing classic poles instead of skate poles will be a little less painful because I nailed the wax.

Junior Nordics The Mat Su Health Foundation has generously awarded a grant for 60 pair of skis to the at-Su Junior Nordicz program. But wait, there’s more; Backcountry Bicycles has helped make this possible by providing skis at-cost for the grant. Both Mat Su Health Foundation and Backcountry Bicycles have continued to support the Mat Su Ski Club and Junior Nordic and we cannot thank them enough.

Junior Nordics is slated to start up after the first of the year, January 4, but that shouldn’t stop the family from getting out and skiing. Every Saturday the Junior Nordic athletes and families are meeting up to enjoy the early season snow. Check out the Junior Nordics page: Mat-Su Ski Club Junior Nordics.