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Circle of Life

posted Nov 19, 2014, 12:17 PM by Mat-Su Ski Club   [ updated Nov 19, 2014, 12:18 PM by Dave Musgrave ]
"When to start kids on skis" was one of the first Google searches I conducted, well at least one of the first 10, when we discovered that my wife didn't just have a nasty month-long bout of sea sickness, but that a mini-me was growing in the wife's belly.  That particular internet search brought me to many tangent searches; did you know that Madshus makes waxable kid skis?  Nevertheless, I felt guilty about not having searched for more relevant and important subjects, for example "caring for your pregnant wife" or "can a pregnant woman ski?"  So I felt compelled to confess my shortcomings, well at least this one, to the woman carrying our micro-human.  Her response was much the same as when I carry in another new set of skis and exclaim, "But they were on sale!"

While that is just a glimpse into my perverse mind, I could not help but recognize changes in my thinking and mindset by this news.  Everyone always says you can't know what it feels like to be a parent until you have one of your own.  Which is like saying, you can't know what a 50K race feels like by just doing the training.  Maybe those things are not that similar, except for the puking, crying, and the satisfaction from the ordeal.  Or maybe they are....

Instilling the appreciation for the outdoors and active lifestyle, is one of my, ahem.... our, driving parenting aspirations.  Although that may have come from NBC "The More You Know" public service announcement, it is the truth.  I accredit my parents enrolling me in Junior Nordics to my life's success (I use the word loosely).  My hope is to be able to draw my offspring in to our wonderful sport.  Plus, I really want to try out one of those Chariots in the meantime.

So if you have some pointers to ensuring a child loves skiing, I'm all ears.  Also, what wax works best with plastic kid's skis?

---by Hans Hill, MSSC board member