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Christmas Break

posted Jan 22, 2015, 11:00 AM by Mat-Su Ski Club
Christmas break is always a fun
time of the year, specifically in the
ski world. Sometimes the snow is a
bit dodgy, but the desire to be on the
snow brings out all types. Of course
the diehards will be found getting in
their Ks, but they can be found at all
times of the season out on the trails.
There are the fair-weather skiers,
who make their appearance between
24-30 degrees during daylight hours,
coincidentally usually they are found
on the trail at the same time as fresh
corduroy ...

On the non-advanced skier side
of the equation, there are couple
other types, the first being the true
beginner. The obvious identifiers
are the all new REI clothing and
the brand new skis, though this
may lead to a false identification of
a diehard, the difference being the
price of the skis. Finally, there is
the four-a-year, rarely spotted, but
usually seen during the holidays,
mostly characterized by the amazing
condition of their gear, although a
number of years old. Occasionally
they may be found in the middle of a
long loop, walking up the side of the
trail with their skis off.

With that said in jest, I do enjoy
seeing all the various faces out in the
fresh air. My favorite skiers to see out
and about are the newbies. Sure they
may take a few extra seconds to get
around, or they may be heading in the
wrong direction, but they usually are
having the most fun. Or the family
who just got skis as a Christmas
present to each other: from the young
children to their parents, all starting
at the same skill level, level zero. But
that doesn’t matter, because they are
all there for the same reason. The
same reason that we are all out on
the trails: to be out enjoying nature’s
frosty creation, while activating our
tendons, ligaments and muscles is
some bizarre ballot that we are trying
to get the sequence just right. Some
just have the dance down better than
others, or in my case the word “some”
seems like a rather large number.

Most would agree that the ideal
ski is fresh tracks all to oneself and
while I wouldn’t put up much of an
argument with that sentiment, I
wouldn’t hesitate to offer up a close
second (well, maybe third) is being
out amongst those just beginning
their ski career. The odds of finding
yourself surrounded by cheechako
skiers may seem low, as it turns out
the MSSC has opportunities to do just
that. Help coach this season!

–By Hans Hill