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Bring on the Hurt

posted Nov 18, 2013, 12:20 AM by Hans Hill   [ updated Nov 18, 2013, 12:21 AM by Dave Musgrave ]
The first ski of the season is always mixed feelings, or at least for me.  Once again Hatcher Pass wins  first skiable snow in Southcentral.  And with the snow, the hurt arrived as well.  For those of you who continued your fitness condition though the fall, kudos. For me my exercise regime consisted of hunting and a kitchen model, more emphasis on the latter.  While the lifting of cabinets, realizing the wall isn’t square to the ceiling, modifying mounting system lifting again, cursing, etc… seems like exercise, in reality it didn’t translate well to any skiing prowess.

Typical of the beginning of the season, the MSSC groomed Independence Mine once the first storm arrived.  Some consider the Independence trails “intermediate,” but for the first mile I might as well have been climbing the Wickersham Wall based on my pace.  While skiing is generalized as an aerobic activity, my first ski rated somewhere between CrossFit’s workout of the day and waterboarding. 

But I will say that it was the most enjoyable day of the month.  The day was mostly sunny and the peaks were gleaming with a fresh dusting, a nice distraction from the napalm building in side my chest (Aside: Does the metallic taste in my mouth mean my lungs are bleeding???).

That’s not to say the trails were in rough shape, rather it was the exact opposite.  MSSC’s groomers did a spectacular job, given the large number of skiers visiting our little heaven, which included some Olympic notables.  Thankfully they weren’t present during my ski sessions.

Least to say, the season’s first ski was a net positive for me and I hope it was the same for you.  See you on the trails.



The recent storm was quite intense, 39” intense.  This may have proved difficult for our grooming equipment, but the snow opened up  a new opportunity.  As I write this, the Club and its members have put in numerous hours on Archangel Rd.  Hopefully by printing, snow will be deep enough at Government Peak Recreation Area.



Speaking of the GPRA, you may notice a new structure at the trailhead.  Details to follow on the website.

In addition to the newly enclosed building, the Club has recently received a grant to light a small portion of the trails and stadium area with a Stabel designed temporary lighting system.  The GPRA is turning into a world class venue!



The latest addition to the MSSC calendar is the Icicle Race.  Scheduled for December 28 and 29th, this event will be a dual discipline race, for those who choose to compete both days, with Classic on Saturday and Freestyle on Sunday.  This first annual event will occur at GPRA and offers your choice of distances, 2.5, 5, 10, 20 and 30K.  This unique event to the Valley should result in a large number of competitors, so be sure to sign up early.  Registration will include a custom t-shirt and opportunity for prizes.  Be sue to check out the website for additional details.



As the young ones progress in skill, the competitive spirit may arise.  The Junior Nordic Competition Clinics are the perfect avenue for those kids looking to explore the racing experience.  Topics include race starts, cornering, waxing, training techniques and schedules. The second clinic designed for all experience levels is scheduled for December 26th, with the deadline for enrollment being December 19th.  Fee is $20 for members and $30 for non-members.  Please visit the JN Facebook page for more details. 



For December MSSC has scheduled the moonlight ski at GPRA on Saturday the 14th.  While not intentionally romantic, couples may find this a unique date opportunity.  Guys, remember to bring chocolate to cap the evening off right and gals, maybe a suds-y beverage for his reward.  Nonetheless, all members are welcome and be sure to check the website for details, especially if the weather is not cooperating.


At the most recent MSSC board meeting, representatives from Salvation Army’s King’s Lake Camp presented a new map of ski trails that have been created surrounding their camp.  The trails which are open to the public 6AM to 11PM daily, will include both 8’ skate trails and 4’ classic trails.  Once the snow builds up, be sure to check out these new trails north of Seldon Road.